Panorama Route

Planning a trip to the Panorama Route? Thinking about what else to add to your Kruger National Park Itinerary? The Panorama Route is a perfect addition to your safari holiday and South African getaway. You can self-drive the Panorama Route in your own vehicle from Johannesburg to Kruger National Park, which will take you a few days. However, I decided to add it to my Kruger National Park stay as a one day tour.

The Route is incredibly breathtaking and I’m so glad I made it a priority of mine to see it! You get a true sense of the landscape which features the world’s third largest canyon, raging rivers, a plethora of waterfalls, and a dramatic terrain of mountains and cliffs. The most popular attractions to see on the route are God’s Window, Bourke’s Luck Potholes, Blyde River Canyon, Lisbon Falls, The Three Rondavels, The Pinnacle, Berlin Falls, and the Wonderview. Featured below are what you can look forward to on your Panorama Route trip.


Bourke’s Potholes Churning Whirlpools
Bourkes Luck Potholes
Bourkes Luck Potholes
Bourke’s Luck Potholes Waterfalls

Bourke’s Luck Potholes is a stunning geological formation in the Blyde River Canyon Reserve. Not only can you walk on bridges above the pools of water, you can also dip your feet in and take a seat in the whirlpools of this fascinating natural phenomenon.


Lisbon Falls is the highest waterfall in the province and I was lucky enough to capture and see it with a beautiful rainbow.

Lisbon Falls
Lisbon Falls


The Blyde River Canyon is the third largest canyon in the world, offers lush scenery, is 16 miles in length, and known as the largest “green canyon” in the world.

Blyde River Canyon
Blyde River Canyon


You might be thinking, what is a Rondavel? A Rondavel is actually a house or hut of the indigenous people and the three round rocks sitting on top together are reminiscent of such. The view here is absolutely stunning, a must see!! In my opinion it offers the best view on the entire Panorama Route.

Three Rondavels

If you have any more time in the area, I’d recommend checking out https://jordanaroundtheglobe.com/2019/02/19/kruger-national-park/

for more adventure at Kruger National Park to add to your South Africa itinerary!


Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is South Africa’s largest games reserve and is often an additional trip partnered with travelers holidays to Cape Town. I throughly enjoyed my time here at this National Park as it features the Big Five and hundreds of other mammals, wildlife, and plant species.

The best time to visit is during the beginning or end of the dry season of the region which is April – September. I went in January so it was not the most ideal time but I still thoroughly enjoyed myself nonetheless and did not get rained out. One of the things that people like about Kruger National Park is that it is self-drivable. I did not self drive because in my opinion you should not go all the way to South Africa to see one of the worlds biggest National Parks to be limited to what you can see on the roadways but it is an option. Featured below is what you can look forward to seeing on your trip to Kruger National Park and also a guide to where to stay as accommodations are extremely important and an integral part of a safari holiday!

Kruger National Park Open Safari Vehicle
Kruger National Park Open Safari Vehicle – Guided Drive
Antelope Family
Antelope Family


Location, location, location! Searching for somewhere to stay on a safari holiday can be extremely difficult with all of the budget lodges, luxury lodges, and private game reserves. Then there is the question of whether to stay inside of the park or outside of the park. At private game reserves around Kruger such as Sabi Sands, Manyeleti, Balule, and Timbavati there are no other tourists so they offer a more intimate experience. There is a plentiful amount of luxury safaris lodges like Royal Malewane, Ngala, or Singita. I decided to stay a luxury boutique lodge outside of the park in Hoedspruit but still on a wildlife estate by the name of Unembeza Boutique Lodge and Spa.The reason I did this was it still allowed me to stay close but not in the park with luxury amenities for an affordable price. They can also book tours and excursions for you which makes your Kruger safari planning much easier and they offer a plethora of luxury amenities as aforementioned.

I thoroughly appreciated the attention to detail and service as being pregnant in the hot landscape of the Kruger and the surrounding area of Hoedspruit. They cater to special dietary restrictions and offer a 4 course dinner menu, fresh juices and lunch, breakfast included with stay, swimming pool, laundry services, complimentary wifi, bush spa, and more in the middle of a wildlife estate surrounding Kruger National Park. They scheduled my Kruger National Park tour as well and even though we didn’t get to see all of the Big Five, the open safari vehicle and guide were excellent!


If you have even more time in the area, I’d recommend checking out https://jordanaroundtheglobe.com/2019/02/19/panorama-route

and possibly adding on the Panorama Route to your itinerary for even more adventure!

San Francisco Must Do’s

Fun Things to do while in

San Francisco

  1. Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge
  2. Enjoy the Waterfront at Fisherman’s Wharf
  3. Shop at Union Square
  4. Eat Chinese food in Chinatown, watch fortune cookies being made, and embrace the culture
  5. Golden Gate Park
  6. Get a burrito in the Mission
  7. Go to the Exploritoriun at Night
  8. Go to Alcatraz
  9. Dinner at a Japanese Bathhouse
  10. Ride the San Francisco Cable Cars
Fishermans Wharf

10 Postpartum Must Haves! Survival Kit for Mama

As a mama with 2 kids under 2, I wanted to share my 10 Postpartum Must Haves! This is my survival kit for any mama! This is the most special time of our lives and hopefully this helps you better be able to combat your emotions and new responsibilities. These were absolutely beneficial in helping me feel more relaxed and comfortable and I hope it does the same for you mamas reading this too!

1. Nursing Pads

One of my favorite and most necessary buys postpartum were the Kindred Braverly Nursing pads. They are organic, washable, and they smelled amazing. Additionally. I have to admit I also absolutely loved the packaging and the cute little bag the nursing pads came in that you can use for anything. Whether you decide to breastfeed or not you will need nursing pads in the beginning to handle the lovely leakage. If you are breastfeeding, you will absolutely need nursing pads, it’s not optional.

2. Belly Butter

I absolutely love the Earth Mama Belly Butters and Oils. I didn’t consistently use stretch mark creams and butters in my first pregnancy like I should have and the results were apparent. This time around, I tried a few butters and creams and I ultimately loved the Earth Mama brand the best. Using it consistently definitely made a difference in the number of stretch marks I had postpartum.

3. Postnatal Vitamins

Postnatal vitamins have added nutrients to support mothers whether they are breastfeeding or not. It’s important to keep mom and baby healthy. Some doctors recommend you keep taking the prenatal vitamin you were already taking after the baby is born as well. I really liked the Actif Organic Prenatal Vitamins.

4. Pads & Padsicles

Most women have significant vaginal bleeding postpartum and you’ll want to make sure you have heavy duty maxi pads, mesh underwear, and padsicles (cold packs for down under haha)! The 3 of these things together will make sure that you’re comfortable, you avoid ruining your underwear, and decrease swelling and irritation.

5. Peribottle

Following birth, the hospital will provide you with a peribottle to clean and spray yourself down under with warm water to both soothe and clean yourself. There is a huge difference in irritation when you do not use the peribottle. You can buy your own personal one as well if you’re having trouble aiming. The MomWasher from Fridababy offers a retractable spout that’s angled and makes it extremely easy to reach and clean your hardworking lady parts.

6. Nipple Butter

Breastfeeding is no joke. Honestly, it is was one of the most difficult parts of being a new mom. Having my nipples on call 24/7 for my precious baby is annoying, time consuming, and sometimes quite painful. For those painful times when you may have cracked or irritated nipples you will want to use a nipple butter or cream. I like both the nipple cream from Lasinoh and Earth Mama. You want to make sure you are taking care of your nipples and baby. Earth Mama Nipple Butter is safe for baby and actually is the first Non-GMO Project Verified Nipple Cream.

7. Overnight Nursing Bra

For my nursing mamas, I would recommend an overnight nursing bra. It might sound silly but trust me you will need them for those middle of the night feedings. They are made to make you more comfortable while sleeping so you don’t have anything digging in your sides or back and they feel just fine on your possibly irritated and cracked nipples. Not only that but, you will continue to wear them even when you’re not nursing, they are so comfortable.

8. TUCKS with witch hazel

If you layer these on top of the pads and cold packs you will have so much more relief for days and the ultimate padsicle.


You will be consumed with breastfeeding and bonding with baby all day! You will do a lot of sitting and you will get extremely bored. Read some books or binge watch something new. As much as people recommend you get some reading in, I found it pretty difficult holding a baby and breastfeeding at the same haha. You will literally be bound to the couch for much longer than you’re used to, just indulge in the boredom and entertain yourself.

10. Seriously, whatever will make your life easier!

Anything that eliminates chores and makes you less-stressed you should do and for me that included using paper everything like utensils, plates, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask your family and friends for helps. Now is not the time to play superwoman. Some people don’t have other resources or help they can get from family, if you do please take advantage of it. They say it takes a village to raise a child and if not a village then superwoman.

Safari Babies
When you’ve progressed to not using a pacifier or baby bottle but you have a new baby brother so you steal his………

I hope you found my 10 Postpartum Must-Haves Helpful! Also, check out “The Best & Worst of Pregnancy”

QSuites Aesthetic

Review: Qatar Airways QSuites Business Class Chicago to Doha

On the way to my stay in the Maldives, my husband and I took QSuites Business Class known as “the world’s best business class” from Chicago (ORD) to Doha (DOH) and it cost 70,000 American Airline miles. The flight was QR Chicago (ORD) Flights 725/726 Boeing 777-300ER. In my opinion, Qatars QSuites product is the best Business Class product in the sky and is far superior to many first class products.

The suite seat was not only incredibly spacious but it was so stylish. There are several different seating configurations in Qsuites. There are six paired seats in the center of the cabin, which allow for a double-bed setup, and the first five sets of seats can be booked as a Quad seat arrangement. The window seats are private.

Qsuites Honeymoon Seats
Qsuites Honeymoon Seats

My husband and I had the honeymoon seats in the middle odd numbered rows and were able to combine our suites when it was time to sleep so we could rest together. The seats lie fully flat and are able to be conjoined as to mimic a double bed. However, if you’re in one of those seats and next to a stranger, there’s still a partition you can put up to maximize privacy.  

QSuites Conjoined Double Bed
QSuites Conjoined Double Bed

The design and aesthetic of the plane is incredibly pleasing and you can tell the seats are made of the highest quality fabrics. The pillows were soft and adorable and had fun messaging. You also receive a quilted mattress and a thick soft blanket (one of my favorite business class blankets). Pajamas are complimentary, and once you are ready to sleep you can turn on a ‘Do Not Disturb’ indicator to ensure no disruptions. The suites also have two air nozzles, a reading light, and a coat hook.

Cute Quites Pillows
Cute Quites Pillows & Thick Blanket
QSuites Footwell Space
QSuites Footwell Space
QSuites Reading Light
QSuites Reading Light & Coat Hook

The suite is designed to give you the optimal amount of storage and features a cocktail table, large TV monitor, a tray table underneath the TV, and then a counter near the aisle. On the side panel of the counter was most of the seat and entertainment controls were there as well. That included a handheld entertainment controller, 110v outlet, two USB outlets, and a headphone jack.

QSuites Entertainment Control Panel
QSuites Entertainment Control Panel

Next to the seat was a storage ottoman where there was Evian bottled water, airplane magazines, generic headphones, and extra room to store more things. To give you an idea of how much space “extra room” means, I stored my entire breast pump device and bottles. One of my favorite parts about the suite is the door, you can have the ultimate privacy.

QSuites Storage Ottoman
QSuites Storage Ottoman

Having flown many other business class cabins, I have to say I was greatly impressed with the style and functionality of the suites. The designers went above and beyond and paid great attention to detail. It is sleek and fun, the purple and gray, the stylish overhead lighting, detailed seat stitching pattern, and the rose gold detailing did not go unnoticed.

QSuites Aesthetic
QSuites Aesthetic

FOOD: The food was great and the menu items were on request so you could order whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted. No restrictions on drinks, etc. There was more than enough to eat and the options were great. As soon as you are seated, they will offer you, your drink of choice, your choice of warm or cool towel, and an assortment of nuts (you can also have Godiva chocolates). I recommend the mint lemonade and saffron karak chai to everyone, if you get anything to drink make sure it’s that. For dinner, they went all in with the tablewear including stylish water glasses and a fake candle.

QSuites Menu
QSuites Menu

I also appreciated how well organized the transportation was to the terminal. They had separate premium cabin buses so we weren’t too crowded on the bus and it only took a few minutes from bus onboarding to the terminal. The drive to the terminal took just a few minutes.

Overall, the experience exceeded even my highest expectations and it is a fact Qatar Airway Qsuites is the world’s best business class.

Atlanta Midtown

What to do during your Atlanta Layover & Review: Canopy by Hilton Atlanta

Have a long Atlanta layover and want to leave the airport? I have some great ideas for you!

On my way to Dallas from Cleveland, I had an almost 24 hour layover with the kids (not by choice, flights were cancelled due to weather). I decided to make the best of it and have some fun in the city. If you’re reading this and you have kids you know exactly why I didn’t just stay at the airport with 2 kids or wait for the sooner flights on standby with them. Fortunately, I used to live in Atlanta for 4 years when I went to school at the illustrious Spelman College. Coincidentally, it was actually my Spelman College reunion. Of course, I stopped by campus and I gave my husband and the kids a tour of one of the most influential places in my life, that shaped part of who I am today. 

Some of my favorite places I recommend on any visit to Atlanta as a 4 year Atlanta resident are: 

Then we went to Two Urban Licks which I recommend everyone frequent on any trip to Atlanta. It’s definitely not the best place to bring children but we still brought them anyway and we had an amazing time nonetheless. 

  • Georgia Aquarium – you can even swim with whale sharks
  • World of Coca-Cola – Atlanta is the home of Coca-Cola
  • Atlanta Botanical Garden
  • High Museum of Art
  • Piedmont Park
  • Atlantic Station 
  • If you have children, definitely check out the Children’s Museum of Atlanta and Legoland Discovery Center Atlanta

WHERE TO STAY: My family and I stayed at the Canopy by Hilton Atlanta Midtown. The room was large and the decor was very stylish. Not only that but, the rooms were also recently updated and very modern so the furnishings were refreshed, large bathroom with walk-in shower, and a balcony. The complimentary breakfast for Hilton Diamond Members includes hot breakfast which includes waffles, pancakes, made to order omelets. It also includes a wide continental breakfast spread, as well as lattes and smoothies. It is a great location for getting around to the biggest attractions in Atlanta and if you have children it’s by Atlantic Station which is a shopping center that has a movie theatre, shops, and most importantly a TARGET. Anyone with kids knows how important a Target is haha. The room had free WiFi, a 55-inch TV, refrigerated drawer, Nespresso® machine, and bedding designed exclusively for the Canopy Brand. You can grab water anytime at the filtered spring water stations on every floor.

Canopy at Hilton Midtown
Canopy at Hilton Midtown


NYC Overnight Layover

Do you have an overnight layover in NYC and are unsure what to do? I have some ideas!

FOOD: – NYC is the place to eat. One of my favorites are Miss Lily’s which is a Jamaican restaurant whose chef was actually a competitor on Chopped! The food is incredible and I do not frequent NYC without stopping by.

Another place, I had the pleasure of just recently frequenting is Kura. It is in every New Yorkers top 10 sushi restaurants in NYC if they have good taste buds and on top of that it’s mildly affordable. It is omakase only, which means you eat what the chef gives you. It has a very intimate vibe, there is under 20 tables and seating is right under the chefs table as they make your sushi.

Kura Entrance
Kura Entrance: There is no sign to tell you, you arrived at Kura. In fact, we looked for it, for a good 5 minutes before we came across this curtain and realized there is a door behind it!
Kura Menu
Kura Menu

Of course, you can’t forget dessert. Grace Street is both a coffeehouse and an Asian sweets spot in Korea town. They serve teas, Asian donuts, shaved ice, waffles, and matcha everything. It is always busy, always delicious, & worth the wait!

THINGS TO DO: Besides, eating at the places aforementioned above we decided to take a stroll down the touristy Times Square and head to a comedy club. The Gotham Comedy Club was great! Even though Chicago is the real Gotham City, I’ll let them call themselves whatever they’d like. My husband and I went to an 11:30pm show so if you have a late overnight layover this would be a great idea. We had such a great experience there and will definitely be back again.

When purchasing your tickets for the show, any seat is a good seat, there is honestly no need to purchase a VIP ticket, the way the seats are set up everyone has an incredibly great view. The staff was so hospitable and even warmed up a tea I got from a cafe I went to prior. There is a 2 drink minimum but if you don’t drink alcohol you can get Non-Alcoholic Beer, juice, water, etc. We went to go see Ramy Youssef from the self-titled show Ramy on Hulu about his personal Muslim-American experience. There were 4 other comedians as well who did an excellent job. We had such a great time, and the staff and the view were so incredible they put the Gotham Comedy Club on my list of Must-Do’s every time I’m in NYC. 

I hope this gives you a couple of things to do during your overnight layover. If you have an opportunity to stay for a weekend for family fun check out How to Maximize A Weekend in NYC.

Overwater Bungalow

Review: Conrad Maldives at Rangali Island

The Maldives has been on my bucket list for awhile so when given the opportunity to stay at the twice voted “Best Hotel In the World” that features the “First Underwater Restaurant in the World” I jumped at the chance to stay at the Conrad Maldives. The Conrad Maldives is a ritzy island paradise surrounded by the Indian Ocean in South Asia commonly known for its overwater bungalows. This idyllic tropical resort is actually two islands connected by a bridge. The resort offers huge beach villas, overwater villas, an extremely expensive underwater residence, a world-class spa, award winning restaurants, and a plethora of excursions and activities. 

How To Get There: To get to the Conrad Maldives you have to take a seaplane from Male International airport which Conrad arranges and charges for at $560 per person. While waiting for the seaplane they have a Conrad Lounge that offers 15 minute complimentary massages, food, wifi, and drinks. As an honest reviewer, I will say that the lounge is extremely outdated and needs to be revamped. The couches definitely need to be replaced. When I arrived at the lounge and saw how run down the furniture was I was nervous about what to expect when arriving at resort. The seaplane luggage is 25kg per person plus 5kg of hand luggage. Any excess baggage costs $5 per 1kg. 

Seaplane to Conrad Maldives
Seaplane to Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

The seaplane ride was great and the views were phenomenal. It was an awesome way to see the other Maldivian islands. 

Arrival: The seaplane flies to a dock that has a small waiting area where you meet a staff member who is personally assigned to you for the duration of your stay. Your bags are gathered, they offer you a welcome slushy and you are then taken to the main lobby where your personal Conrad “butler” takes you to your room via buggy or walking dependent on how close your room is. The scenery, design, and atmosphere of the Conrad Maldives is incredible and beyond what I could imagine.

Conrad Maldives Seaplane Dock

The Conrad Lounge at the airport definitely does not do the resort any justice because you would have no idea that you would arrives to such an idyllic paradise based on the airport lounge. Upon walking down the bridge that connects the 2 islands, I knew we were in for a real treat. Our “butler” gave us the details about the resort and our room. Surprise! Surprise!  We received an upgrade from the water villa to the Retreat Water Villa. The Conrad Maldives does not have to do this for Hilton Diamond members because of the status of the resort, however they did so and we were more than ecstatic. Paid upgrades are available if you don’t want to take the chance of not getting upgraded upon arrival. 

We took a buggy with our “butler” to our Retreat Water Villa on the Spa Retreat side of the island. The ride was so exciting and I could not wait to see what our humble abode was going to look like.

We were placed in villa 417 which was located at the end of the boardwalk, allowing for us to have maximum privacy. It was absolutely gorgeous. he interior of this villa is unbelievably huge measuring at 1615 Sq. Ft., featuring two rooms, one with its own double spa treatment room as well as a jacuzzi on the large sun deck with steps leading down into the ocean below.  The villa has large glass windows, glass doors, glass, walls, glass everything. You can see turquoise lagoons and coral reefs anywhere you look, you are completely surrounded by it. Compared to the basic water villa, this villa is beyond impressive. The tall ceilings, the wood, the blue and white tones, create a sanctuary of bliss. It was at this moment, touring the villa with the Conrad staff member, that I knew I was going to have a very hard time leaving. The bathroom was huge and featured an obscenely large bathtub and a rain shower that also led to the sundeck. Let’s just say the villa was unreal. I saw pictures of all of the villas prior to arriving and pictures do not do it justice, I was in awe at the largeness and beauty of the villa.

Retreat Water Villa
Retreat Water Villa Exterior
Retreat Water Villa Tour

Retreat Water Villa: 

Cost: ~ USD 1350 a night 

Size: 1615 Sq. Ft.

Occupancy: 3 adults

Dining and Amenities: As aforementioned the Conrad Maldives has the first underwater restaurant in the world. It’s a very cool experience but it is also incredibly expensive. We had dinner there for $390 per person. For a more affordable option you can have lunch or cocktails and canapés there instead. However, the dinner was great and I’m glad we went to the dinner as the lunch menu didn’t interest me as much and my husband and I don’t drink so the cocktails and canapés didn’t interest us either.

Ithaa Dining
Ithaa Dining


It’s important to note though that all of the restaurants are pretty expensive and even a burger costs around $40 dollars at the resort. I would definitely recommend a dinner at Ufaa by Jeremy Leung and the Fishermans BBQ.

ufaa by jereme leung
ufaa by jereme leung
Fishermans BBQ
Fisherman’s BBQ
Fisherman's BBQ Dinner
Dessert at Fishermans BBQ
All you can eat Fishermans BBQ

Some of the other restaurants are: •

 Sunset Grill

Mandhoo Spa Restaurant

Vilu Restaurant and Bar

The Quiet Zone

Rangali Bar 

The resort also offers so much to do in regards to excursions and activities.  There are two spas and of course we went to both!

• A large spa positioned over the water at the northern tip of the main island (opposite Mandhoo spa restaurant) called the Spa Retreat. This was my favorite spa and the Private Heat Therapy is a MUST! Click here for more details and photos of Spa Retreat


• A smaller, 4-room spa off the smaller island called the Over Water Spa. 

There is also an ocean dive centre, snorkeling excursions, jetpacks, jet skis, yachting, and so much more. All non-motorized water activities are free of charge, this includes are stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, and snorkeling at the house reef. All snorkeling equipment can be rented free of charge. We had so much fun snorkeling in the backyard of our villa and at the house reef we found no need to do a snorkeling excursion offsite. The water in the Maldives is the most clear and beautiful blue water I have ever seen in my entire life. Snorkeling and swimming in the Maldivian water on Rangali Island was such an amazing experience that I will never forget! Not to mention, I can never forget the soft white sand, huge palm trees, and gorgeous weather. 

Snorkeling in Retreat Water Villa
Excellent snorkeling at house reef but also in you backyard in the Retreat Water Villas

Another cool thing about the resort is that it is a shoeless resort so you can be barefoot your entire vacation. The lobby, restaurants, and walking paths all have sand floors. There is sand everywhere, the ritziest restaurant there even makes you take off your shoes before entering! I brought way too many shoes for no reason! 

Conrad Maldives Transfer Boat
Conrad Maldives Transfer Boat: This boat takes you between islands
Island Lounging

How To Stay For Free: 95,000 Hilton Honors points per night or 380,000 Hilton Honors points for 5 nights with fifth night free which makes it 76,000 Hilton Honors points a night 

To sum this one up this resort is fantastic and you should not hesitate booking! The service was incredible and everybody was beyond friendly. The food was great and the villa was pure luxury. Not only that, but the location and the atmosphere was unreal and something out of a dream you once had of what heaven looks like. I will definitely be staying here again when I visit the Maldives for a second time which I absolutely must!

Conrad Maldives Retreat Spa Hallway

Retreat Spa at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

The Retreat Spa at the Conrad Maldives is absolutely gorgeous! The decor and aesthetics exude a feeling of tranquility and relaxation. You enter into a narrow hallway built of wooden thatches that lead to a tranquil pond. The hallway is filled with doors on each side that lead to a treatment room. We went through a door that led us to an overwater private heat therapy suite that featured a jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, 2 rain showers, and a massage treatment room. It was completely private and perfect for couples.

Spa Entrance
Private Heat Therapy Suite
Private Heat Therapy Suite
Sauna in Private Heat Therapy Suite
Sauna in Private Heat Therapy Suite
Toilet with a View
Toilet with a View
Jacuzzi in Private Heat Therapy Suite
Jacuzzi in Private Heat Therapy Suite

We  spent 30 minutes in the heat therapy suite and then followed up with a 90 minute muscle relaxation massage in the massage treatment room. If you are a Hilton Diamond member you can receive and extra 15 minutes of your massage treatment. For our treatment, they used a warm lime and berry infused oil that smelled absolutely divine. I chose medium pressure and received deep and my husband chose deep pressure and received super deep. Whatever you would normally choose for your ideal pressure type I would advise you to choose the pressure below. Their technique was great and my muscles were indeed relaxed and we couldn’t stop raving about how great we felt after. The massage was phenomenal, I didn’t want it to end, and even fell asleep. Between the idyllic atmosphere and blissful massage, it was one of our best spa experiences to date. When visiting the Conrad Maldives on Rangali Island, I definitely recommend you visit the Retreat Spa.

Retreat Spa Massage Treatment Room
Massage Treatment Room
Conrad Maldives Retreat Spa
Conrad Maldives Retreat Spa Pond

For more information on the Spa Retreat at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island visit —> https://www.conradmaldives.com/relax/spa-retreat/

Emirates Business Class

Review: Emirates Business Class ORD–>JNB

Chicago —> Johannesburg, South Africa

THE LOUNGE: The Business Class Lounge in Dubai during our layover was incredible. It is truly one of the most luxurious flight experiences you can experience. Not only does it take up an entire floor but there is more to do than you would even have time for during your layover. It is truly a great way to begin your journey or relax during your layover.

There are quiet lounges, a plethora of gourmet restaurants, a kids club/daycare, multiple showers, nap chairs, bars, personalized barista experience, an ice cream cart and more. With partnerships with Moet & Chandon and Voss Water, I had our waiter bring as much Voss water as my heart desired and canapés crafted by Michelin starred chefs from the Moet & Chandon lounge. The service was great and so was the food from the buffets stations. I had teriyaki chicken, lamb, and rice. I relaxed and ate all of it while my husband took a shower and brought me tea and dessert. Safe to say the business class lounge was what Emirates calls a “seamless journey”.

Emirates Business Lounge Lobby
Emirates Business Lounge Dessert

THE FLIGHT: As if it could even get better than the lounge!!?? It does! We flew on one of their all new 777’s.

It has a 2-3-2 cabin layout, which the older one had before, it’s incredibly spacious. The interior is aesthetically amazing and the plush beige leather seats reminiscent of a Bentley Bentayga. The seat also features a privacy screen and one of the largest entertainment screen offered on any plane operating commercially. I absolutely loved the water and pellegrino in a glass storage box in front of me below the tv (super convenient). Also, the reading lights, storage space, fully flat bed, and Emirates classic woodgrain seat finishing was nice too. The seat was incredibly comfortable, I got a great sleep and the seat cushion (similar to a padded mattress cover, they lay on top of your seat for increased comfort) and blanket were big, plush, and thick. I could not have asked for a nicer seat besides not having a bar like on the A380 but besides that and the 2-3-2 configuration (configuration didn’t bother me as I sat beside my husband, so couples win!) the new 777 is a better product and I don’t drink alcohol anyway!

Additionally, the food and service was top notch! The food options were great and delicious and there were many times I was offered beverages or snacks that I declined because I was too full. I seriously got to the point of “jeez are people really still eating more food!” Needless to say you won’t go even a bit hungry.

Emirates Business Food

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my business class experience on Emirates new 777 and can’t wait to fly aboard again!

Spa Walden Pyramid Suite

Review: The Spa at Inn Walden

Spa Walden is a world class spa oasis in the least place you’d expect!


1119 Aurora Hudson Rd., Aurora, (330) 995-9SPA


Let’s talk about the ultimate pampering experience! If you’re looking for a top notch spa weekend that features relaxation, privacy, and ultimate ambiance; Spa Walden is where you should plan to go! When planning a spa getaway at Spa Walden I would consider the Spa and Stay package which allows you one signature spa treatment per person for 2 people and a night in one of their spacious and luxurious guest rooms that feature huge luxurious Kohler massage bath tubs and massive Kohler showers. The rooms and Inn in general are incredibly designed and are truly a reward for any guest.

Spa Walden Pyramid Suite
Spa Walden Pyramid Suite
Spa Walden Pyramid Bed
Maximum Comfort Reached in the Walden Pyramid Suite Beds
Spa Walden Guest Rooms and Suites
Huge Loft Guest Rooms at the Inn Walden

Huge Kohler Massage Showers in Loft Guest Suites bigger than some peoples apartments
Walden Pyramid Suite Living Room
Walden Pyramid Suite Living Room

The service at the Inn and the spa was impeccable. The staff caters to your every need to make sure your stay is beyond unique and special. Not only that, but the spa tailors treatments to fit your individual needs so you experience the ultimate pampering.

Each Spa suites has its own Kohler bubble massage tub and a personal steam room and a Swiss shower for full-body shower massages. If booking a couples treatment, couples can enjoy in their spa treatment room an additional fireplace, extra-large hot tub, and a light lunch.

Overall, this is one of the best spas I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to first class spas around the world. This is truly a hidden gem on the outskirts of Cleveland, OH and I definitely recommend it for the ultimate Spa experience.


Home Makeover: The Kitchen

Hey guys! The Johnson-Karim (JK) crew have a new home and I am so excited to take you guys on our home makeover. I have owned my share of condos in Chicago for real estate investment but this is our first FAMILY HOME that we own as a family and we want to create a stylish, cozy, and family friendly home for Amirah (our crazy daughter). Our first week has been exciting and productive in my opinion but I know you guys will be honest and tell me what you truly think.

Kitchen Organization

So the first week of moving in a new home is usually unpacking and organizing for most people. I have been doing both but I really wanted to get a head start on the interior design. I put a lot on my plate but my goal is to give design of each room in 2 weeks. So this week my task was the kitchen. The most important rooms in my mind when shopping for or designing a room is the kitchen and the bathroom. They both can take quite a bit of time, they are the most important rooms to me, and the design of both can be quite expensive.

Kitchen Organization

Kitchen containers

Our kitchen was already my favorite part of the house. My kitchen style is white, bright, and minimalistic. I took this week to unpack kitchenware, organize, and do a bit of sprucing up. I want to involve green and white florals, aluminum or steel as you can in the photos for that modern and industrial loft feel. You can also see we have exposed brick in the kitchen, which is definitely one of my favorite features. This exposed brick really puts together the modern, Italian bistro, trendy unfinished look I’m going for.

Exposed Brick Kitchen Makeover

The rest of the kitchen is white and bright as aforementioned with light sleek granite countertops. The hardwood floors in the whole home of our a light maple brown and I have considered refinishing them with a different stain. However, I think that in this kitchen the light maple brown works well and there is no better pairing that hardwood floors and exposed brick.

Kitchen fireplace

You tell me, but I think I have been pretty productive in Week 1. Some additions I would like to make in the next week are the design of the breakfast nook and coffee bar. I would also like to add some green and white florals as well as some blue hydrangeas for a pop of color. You will see in the following weeks I am very neutral in terms of interior design but I love a pop of color.

Kitchen Makeover Week 1

I want you to comment and share what you would change or some ideas that you have as well. I can definitely use your help in making my home the most stylish, sophisticated, cozy, and family friendly home for the Johnson-Karim (JK) crew that one could imagine!

New Home