tempImageForSave.jpgThe Liebster Awards is an online award given to new bloggers by other bloggers for engaging more readers and creating valuable content. The aim is to help discover new blogs, give them recognition, help them gain exposure for future awards, and welcome them to the blogging community. I was nominated by Girlie Fix Blog (GF.B)  and below are the answers to some questions I was asked:

When did you start blogging?

I recently started blogging this summer (2017).

What/Who inspired to start blogging?

My new life changes inspired me to start blogging. So far this year, I’ve gotten married, moved to a new city and transferred job locations, and now I’m already expecting a baby. Before this I was a single globetrotter based in Chicago and now my life is completely different and I have so much to say and it inspired me to start this blog and start writing about my travels and adventures in this new life of mine. I actually used to be a writer and wanted to get into journalism, instead I went to school for pharmacy. With all my life changes and travels this year, I felt I needed a platform to share my experiences and adventures. There is so many people that I think will be able to relate to my life experiences and be inspired and motivated by my travels. Even if a few people read my content and aren’t inspired to be a globetrotter,they will enjoy my recommendations, advice, and thoughts on many travel destinations that they may have been looking to vacation to or explore and it can help them plan a better itinerary for their trip!

What has been your greatest challenge in the blogging process?

The greatest challenge in my blogging process have been site set up. There are so many options and ways to go about site set up. From bluehost, WordPress, iPage, GoDaddy, etc it can be overwhelming. Also, gaining a larger audience can been quite difficult. It’s harder than you imagine it to be and obviously you want as many people to see your work as possible. I’m so passionate about what I write, I want everyone to be able to get to experience my adventures through my writing but it takes time!

Have you started earning money from you blog yet?

No, not yet! I’m working on it, but first, I want to make sure I have quality content that people enjoy and grow my audience!

What bloggers inspire you?

Frankly Frankiee (@franklyfrankiee) inspires me because she solo travels quite often which I am a big fan of! If you can’t find someone to travel with, don’t be shy, go and explore! Not only that, but I love her site and her niche of specifically Caribbean travel. The photos, organization, and writing on her site are all thought out and put together extremely well and even with a small audience she still manages to earn money from blogging. I inspire for my blog to be quite similar but more personal as I like to feature a lot of personal life experiences in my writing. Frankly Frankiee is #goals

What are some of your hobbies?

My hobbies are traveling, writing/blogging, and dancing. As much time as I spend on Skycanner looking up flights and dream destinations, you could call that a hobby too!

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