10 Postpartum Must Haves! Survival Kit for Mama

As a mama with 2 kids under 2, I wanted to share my 10 Postpartum Must Haves! This is my survival kit for any mama! This is the most special time of our lives and hopefully this helps you better be able to combat your emotions and new responsibilities. These were absolutely beneficial in helping me feel more relaxed and comfortable and I hope it does the same for you mamas reading this too!

1. Nursing Pads

One of my favorite and most necessary buys postpartum were the Kindred Braverly Nursing pads. They are organic, washable, and they smelled amazing. Additionally. I have to admit I also absolutely loved the packaging and the cute little bag the nursing pads came in that you can use for anything. Whether you decide to breastfeed or not you will need nursing pads in the beginning to handle the lovely leakage. If you are breastfeeding, you will absolutely need nursing pads, it’s not optional.

2. Belly Butter

I absolutely love the Earth Mama Belly Butters and Oils. I didn’t consistently use stretch mark creams and butters in my first pregnancy like I should have and the results were apparent. This time around, I tried a few butters and creams and I ultimately loved the Earth Mama brand the best. Using it consistently definitely made a difference in the number of stretch marks I had postpartum.

3. Postnatal Vitamins

Postnatal vitamins have added nutrients to support mothers whether they are breastfeeding or not. It’s important to keep mom and baby healthy. Some doctors recommend you keep taking the prenatal vitamin you were already taking after the baby is born as well. I really liked the Actif Organic Prenatal Vitamins.

4. Pads & Padsicles

Most women have significant vaginal bleeding postpartum and you’ll want to make sure you have heavy duty maxi pads, mesh underwear, and padsicles (cold packs for down under haha)! The 3 of these things together will make sure that you’re comfortable, you avoid ruining your underwear, and decrease swelling and irritation.

5. Peribottle

Following birth, the hospital will provide you with a peribottle to clean and spray yourself down under with warm water to both soothe and clean yourself. There is a huge difference in irritation when you do not use the peribottle. You can buy your own personal one as well if you’re having trouble aiming. The MomWasher from Fridababy offers a retractable spout that’s angled and makes it extremely easy to reach and clean your hardworking lady parts.

6. Nipple Butter

Breastfeeding is no joke. Honestly, it is was one of the most difficult parts of being a new mom. Having my nipples on call 24/7 for my precious baby is annoying, time consuming, and sometimes quite painful. For those painful times when you may have cracked or irritated nipples you will want to use a nipple butter or cream. I like both the nipple cream from Lasinoh and Earth Mama. You want to make sure you are taking care of your nipples and baby. Earth Mama Nipple Butter is safe for baby and actually is the first Non-GMO Project Verified Nipple Cream.

7. Overnight Nursing Bra

For my nursing mamas, I would recommend an overnight nursing bra. It might sound silly but trust me you will need them for those middle of the night feedings. They are made to make you more comfortable while sleeping so you don’t have anything digging in your sides or back and they feel just fine on your possibly irritated and cracked nipples. Not only that but, you will continue to wear them even when you’re not nursing, they are so comfortable.

8. TUCKS with witch hazel

If you layer these on top of the pads and cold packs you will have so much more relief for days and the ultimate padsicle.


You will be consumed with breastfeeding and bonding with baby all day! You will do a lot of sitting and you will get extremely bored. Read some books or binge watch something new. As much as people recommend you get some reading in, I found it pretty difficult holding a baby and breastfeeding at the same haha. You will literally be bound to the couch for much longer than you’re used to, just indulge in the boredom and entertain yourself.

10. Seriously, whatever will make your life easier!

Anything that eliminates chores and makes you less-stressed you should do and for me that included using paper everything like utensils, plates, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask your family and friends for helps. Now is not the time to play superwoman. Some people don’t have other resources or help they can get from family, if you do please take advantage of it. They say it takes a village to raise a child and if not a village then superwoman.

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When you’ve progressed to not using a pacifier or baby bottle but you have a new baby brother so you steal his………

I hope you found my 10 Postpartum Must-Haves Helpful! Also, check out “The Best & Worst of Pregnancy”

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