The Best & Worst of My Pregnancy

| The Best and Worst of My Pregnancy|


Feeling the baby’s small kicks

The SMALL ones! Not the big ones, those are painful and could be added to least favorite things during my pregnancy. When I felt the first kicks is when it truly hit me I was going to be a mama bear and boy am I in love already. Even more exciting, is getting to see my friends and familys’ reactions and expressions to seeing the baby move from the outside.

Baby Kicks

The Anticipation 

I can’t wait to meet our little bundle of joy and I can’t wait to be called mama. Imagine every holiday wrapped into one? That’s still not as exciting as my baby coming!

Baby anticipation

Getting to do mom stuff with my momma

I am incredibly close with my parents and my mom is one of those “I’m your mom, not your little friend” type mommas. To be able to relate to her in a way that truly defines who she is and be able to do “mommy” stuff together has been so much fun. I already did call her everyday (I’m a clingy daughter) and now I call her about three times a day just for advice and to vent about my pregnancy. I already thought she was a superhero but now being a soon to be momma myself, she’s more than a superhero, there is no word for it! Her baby is having a baby and seeing how excited she is and how much she loves US makes me even more excited that I get to experience that one day too!

Gilmore girls

No waiting in line or for ANYTHING

Once your bump gets bigger, people offer you everything from taken seats, spots to skip, and food. VIP all the time.


Bigger assets

As an extremely petite woman, I appreciate a little bit of “extra extra” in some places (mainly my boobs). I love these things!

Bigger boobs

No Period

I mean do I have to say more…..

Least Favorites


Basically, I can’t sleep. Any position I sleep in is extremely uncomfortable and I need to sleep all the time. I legitimately feel narcoleptic but I just can’t fall asleep properly and I end up keeping my husband up. If you haven’t experienced this yet, just wait until your bump gets bigger.  I’m completely exhausted and my baby seems to be most active at night which unfortunately means that is likely to be the babies sleeping pattern in a few months. Great, not!

Can't sleep


If you thought you were moody while on your period, pregnancy hormones are 100X worse. I am already a crazy individual and can literally hear myself acting a fool and being a meanie face to my husband but I still can’t stop. One minute your angry, the next you’re sad, then extremely happy, ups and downs all around!


Having to Pee and Puke at Work

All of the symptoms are rough while at work but who wants to puke at work? No Bueno. I transferred locations due to my aforementioned move to another state so I have a brand new boss, and as much as I want to be extremely productive and show him I’m the best, because I am, it can be rough.

Working while pregnant

Feeling Incompetent and Lazy

Pregnancy brain is a real thing and exhaustion, stress, and building a baby is taxing on your brain on top of the fact that’s it’s rewiring itself for motherhood. Also, washing dishes, laundry, etc…..what is that? Just kidding! I keep up, but the last thing my new waddling self wants to do after coming home from a full day of work is cook, wash dishes, and do laundry. Sometimes I avoid going in my bedroom so I don’t pass out.  It’s safe assume that has already happened more than a few times in the first trimester.


Looking Like A Bum

I’ve been looking as comfortable as can be in terms of clothing during my pregnancy. A Kim K pregnancy, heels, etc just isn’t me but I must admit I hate that I feel like it’s not me because I used to dress up regularly. The second trimester has been much better but the first trimester.

Maternity and Pregnancy clothes

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17 thoughts on “The Best & Worst of My Pregnancy

  1. I loved being pregnant. FYI if you nurse you might not get your period for longer just saying lol. Were at 5 months strong of nursing and no period THANK THE HEAVENS <3

  2. Great list! I remember some of the good things rather fondly now that our daughter is almost 18 months old! It flies by! Sending you good thoughts for a smooth pregnancy and delivery! 🙂

  3. Loved reading this blog post. So fun. I can totally relate. The morning sickness is killer. I didn’t know what hit me. Men would never be able to handle this. As for assets, my husband saw mine and he said it just all looked painful ha ha….Having said that….It’s soooo worth it. Total blessing.

  4. Pregnancy was the best time of my life. It definitely brought my husband me closer. Ofcourse there is good and bad but I choose to remember the good and I cherish every moment of it.

  5. No periods definitely have to be one of my favorite things about pregnancy lol. At least no pms hormones to deal with haha 😉 Oh and yes I do miss the baby kicks!

  6. well you seemed to capture a lot of what goes on in pregnancy… My favorite was feeling my babies move, my least favorite were my huge cankles, my feet were so swollen and it was just very uncomfortable ; )
    fun read, you took me down memory lane : )

  7. I have yet to experience pregnancy. I have heard about the mood swings and the not being comfortable to fall asleep sounds crazy! But hey, it’s not forever.

  8. Loved reading this! I haven’t been pregnant yet but I can’t wait! It seems like the good things outweight the bad ones. Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy.

  9. I had the worst morning sickness when I was pregnant! Lasted all day and felt like it would never end! I agree the hormones and always feeling so blah was the worst of it. But waiting to meet the little human you’re growing and feeling him or her kick are the absolute best feelings!

  10. Rebecca Swenor

    These are great examples of the best and worst of pregnancy. I too really didn’t feel that I was pregnant til the baby moved. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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