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For my new readers, I am newly married to a handsome Egyptian-American man who has taken me on a roller coaster ride of new cultural experiences. I must tell you this beforehand because it truly impacts the way I travel now and during my trip to Cairo, Egypt visiting his family I truly got to experience Cairo as a tourist and as a local. Because of this I am going to take you on a journey and give you some insight on traveling to Cairo, Egypt.

Cairo is a city that never sleeps. We landed in Cairo at 11pm at night, don’t worry if you’re flight gets in late as there are still taxis and tuk tuks (a bike taxi) available as the city of Cairo stays alive well into the wee hours of the morning. If you’re still hungry, want to wind down at a Shisha Lounge (hookah), go to a Jazz Club, frequent a bar, or shop at the many nights markets, you can still do those things and more after your arrival. If you arrive in the late evening as opposed to the aforementioned wee hours of the morning, I would recommend the following:

-Nile Dinner Cruise
-Sound and Light Show at the Giza Pyramids
-Cairo Old Market: Khan Al-Khalili Souk
-Hang out at Almaz (nightclub lounge)

We stayed at the Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel & Spa. It has a beautiful view of the Pyramids and is extremely close by. It has 4 restaurants, a spa, and an outdoor pool. It is also very affordable with prices at around 60 USD a night.

In the morning we went to go see the most well-known and major highlight for travelers to Cairo: The Pyramids of Giza. It is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world and still remains preserved. If you do not arrange this excursion with your hotel or purchase beforehand with a touring company, here are the costs to get your ticket upon arrival: You can buy your ticket at the entrance security desk/kiosk. Beware of your taxi driver taking you elsewhere to purchase your ticket, don’t bargain with them, just have them take you directly to the entrance gate.


Ticket to enter the Pyramid complex: Egyptian Pounds 80 ~ USD 9
Entrance Inside The Great Pyramid: Egyptian Pounds 200 ~ USD 11
Entrance into 2nd or 3rd Pyramid: Egyptian Pounds 40 ~ USD 2
Great Pyramid (Pyramid of Khufu): Egyptian Pounds100 ~ USD 9
Meresankh III tomb: Egyptian Pounds 50 ~ USD 6

I thoroughly enjoyed the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, I had no idea what to really expect. We took a horse and carriage ride around the pyramids and then we rode a camel around the smaller pyramids. I found the archeological site to be fascinating and if you are into history and architecture, you will too. Nobody still knows how the pyramids were built and it is so interesting hearing all of the locals opinions on its construction. The question remains unanswered and it makes me even more curious and enchanted.




The next stop was to visit some of my new family members and even though this is probably not something that would be on your itinerary, I learned quite a bit that would be useful for any traveler. Some of the phrases that the kids had me perfect that you should know upon arrival are:

No: la
Yes: naam
Please: min fadlak (m.) min fadlik (f.)
Thank you: shukran
Your Welcome: Ahlan beka
Sorry/Excuse Me: assef
Welcome: Marhaba
Goodbye: salam (peace)
My Name Is: esmi
What Is Your Name?: esmak eh? or Ma Esmok?
How Are You?: ez zayyak? (masc) ez zayyek? (fem)
Nice to Meet You Saadot belkak
I Don’t Understand: ana mish fahem
Do You Speak English?: int betetkalem inglizi?
Can You Help Me?: mumken tsaa’dni?
What Time Is It?: el-saa kam?

For my foodies, what is the point in traveling to a new destination and not trying the local cuisine? I was really excited about the opportunity to try Egyptian cuisine in Egypt at a family member’s house and I tried everything, even things I was skeptical about, like pigeon. Stuffed pigeon is a delicacy in Egypt and consists of whole pigeon stuff with rice and many different spices. Some other foods I had that I recommend you try upon your visit are:

– An assortment of grilled meats
– Sausage and liver sandwich
– Baladi Bread
-Fava beans and falafel

They also welcomed us with a delicious cake, celebrating my husband’s birthday and our new marriage. Egyptian birthday cakes are a little different than American cakes. You won’t find buttercream and whipped icing cakes, but more traditional cakes.


Later that night we joined some more family members and went out for coffee, tea, and juice. If you are a fan of juicing, this is your time to have fresh juices galore. I was in juice heaven as I love juicing and fresh fruits and they had a plethora of smoothie and juice bars. Try quenching your thirst at Juice Me Up or City Drink!

For a full meal out on the town, try Sequoia for a diverse menu and shisha, they also serve alcohol in a place where many restaurants don’t. The views of the Nile are breathtaking and the setting is trendy and romantic. I am also a fan of Andrea, simply because I love chicken liver and the Kobeba and chicken liver are a must have there. Also, the atmosphere is laid back, colorful, and old school. Your kids can even take a donkey ride. Cool right?

I had a great time in Egypt’s sprawling capital, set on the Nile River and I look forward to going again. I have never experienced anything like it, the traffic the noise, the hustle & bustle, and the people will deluge you, so give yourself time to explore, relax, and wind down with a Shay bil na’na (mint tea) or a glass of sugarcane juice. I recommend on your visit you also do the following:
-Egyptian Museum
-Mosque of Muhammad Ali
-Al Azhar Park
-Tahrir Square

Remember, when you are ready to make your trip, Cairo is no Dubai, in fact, it can be dirty, it’s not glamorous, there are many pickpocketers and scammers waiting for a tourist to slip up, and the air quality is horrible. However, even with all of these unfavorable traits, it is still incredibly beautiful and one of my favorite places I’ve traveled to and if I were to recommend anything to you, it would be to give yourself time. You need time in Cairo for your visit to be efficient, productive, and somewhat foolproof.

Personally, having been able to enjoy a local and tourist experience was incredible. I loved meeting my new family members, eating authentic Egyptian cuisine in a real local Egyptian house, camel and horse riding at the Pyramids, and taking in all of that Vitamin D that the Egyptian heat and sun truly provide.

Do you love to travel and see yourself in Cairo?



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38 thoughts on “To Cairo with Love 🌹

  1. Congratulations on your marriage, it’s so great to have someone to share your travel experiences with first hand! Cairo seems like a treat for travelers, your recommendations for the dinner cruise, souk and sound and light show are very exciting! I love your pictures of the camel ride and pyramids!

  2. I’m so happy for you both, happy that you’ve shared about your private life cause not a lot of bloggers do. I did enjoy your iterinary hoping to hear more about your travel and more photos πŸ™‚

  3. aliciafowler

    First, congratulations!! May you have many happy years together. I love your camel photos! The pyramids looked like a blast. I didn’t expect Cairo to be a 24/7 city like NYC (my home) but it sounds like it! Thank so much for the helpful language tips too!

  4. aliciafowler

    First, congratulations!! May you have many happy years together. I love your camel photos! The pyramids looked like a blast. I didn’t expect Cairo to be a 24/7 city like NYC (my home) but it sounds like it! Thank so much for the helpful language tips too!!

  5. This was great to read. I can tell it was a fun trip for you guys. I’ll be visiting Egypt around April this coming year and I’m not sure how much time to stay. Sounds like I should leave enough time for truly enjoying it.

  6. Congratulations on your marriage! Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience! Pyramids have always fascinated me and Egypt is for sure in my travel list. This post is very helpful with detailed information on the places to visit, cuisines to try and the do’s and don’ts of the place. The pictures are very beautiful. πŸ™‚

  7. Congratulations! He is a handsome chap isn’t he! His birthday cake looked amazing. I’ve always wanted to visit the Pyramids. I love that the hotel you stayed in was close by – and reasonably priced. I’ll definitely keep it in mind for when we get our chance to visit.

  8. I was in Cairo about 30 years ago. At the time, it was the most foreign city I had ever traveled to and still might be. We arrived at the airport just before 5 and when the prayer bells sounded we were the only people standing. The taxi drivers were insane and all traffic laws seemed like suggestions. I can generally read any Romance Language and I can struggle through most Germanic words but I couldn’t even tell the letters from the numbers in the Arabic Language when we started the trip. By the end of the trip, we could read the prices and all of a sudden everything cost less (but we had to return the coke bottles for deposits). Cairo was strange, beautiful, exotic and wonderful. It will always hold a special spot in my memory.

  9. thesecretlifeofanactress

    Congratulations on your wedding! It’s always the best thing to explore a new city with local people! Although I don’t think I would have tasted the pigeon ;)) The pyramids are so beautiful, I really wanna visit Egypt, and the idea they built them so long ago is fascinating!

  10. Lisa

    Shukran for this lovely tale on Cairo. I’ve not yet visited, but the pyramids and rich history are of course a huge draw. The food sounds really yummy too, is it very spicy? I’m glad to hear it’s nothing like Dubai. I’m not a fan of the artificial glitz and glam of that city, I much prefer the grit and soul of a city.

  11. James

    I would love to visit Cairo and Egypt. You show how romantic it can be as a couple, I need to take a girl with me! Visiting the The Pyramids of Giza on horseback must be such a once in a lifetime experience, I love your photograph arriving there. The birthday cake looks delicious!

  12. Congrats and best wishes for you being newly married. Your comprehensive guide to Cairo is very useful for planning a trip. Stunning pictures of camel ride, pyramids and sphinx. Thanks for sharing!

  13. The Lavish Nomad

    Quite a detailed and easy to follow guide for Cairo. Also loved the fact how you have mentioned some of the common phrases in Arabic.

  14. Egyptian-American guy! Wow! That’s indeed an eclectic mix of cultures! First of all, congrats on your wedding!
    Cairo is high up on my wishlist and to see the pyramids with my own eyes would be dream come true!
    The monjines cake looks so yum… Thanks also about the tip for where to buy ticket and those translations.

  15. roff555

    Lovely post… I visited Cairo on business a few years back but had no time to see anything so it is high on my list for a re-visit as a tourist. You have some great tips here, especially how to navigate the numerous people trying to relieve tourists of their cash! Really wonderful that you got to eat with your husbands family as locals – Middle Eastern food is to die for, and fresh juices sound amazing! Thanks for posting.

  16. My husband is Egyptian and most of his family still lives there. We haven’t gone there as a family yet but I hope to soon! All the foods you mentioned is things we eat and our daughter enjoys. Sounds like a great trip, thanks for sharing!

  17. Congratulations on your marriage! How exciting that you got to not only experience Cairo as a tourist, but also as a local with all the insider knowledge from your new family! I remember Cairo fondly, despite the pickpockets and bad air quality. The city was so vibrant and alive with history and culture! I hope I can return one day!

  18. Congrats on getting a gorgeous hubby! I want to ride a decorated camel like that! It looks like a once-in-a-lifetime experience! And how fun that you got a traditional wedding cake! Best of luck on this new adventure πŸ™‚

  19. Aww congratulations on your marriage! This looks like a great way to start it, and it’s always cool seeing a destination through a different perspective. I bet it was nice being with Egyptians who knew the area and where all the best places were! We’ve done diving in the Red Sea but haven’t visited the Pyramids yet…

  20. rovingjo

    Congratulations on your marriage. I loved seeing this through your eyes. What a great experience. I was surprised to learn how reasonable accommodations and entrance fees are. Also love that you sampled traditional fare and even got to enjoy their versions of chocolate cake. Sounds like you had a great time.

  21. Heeeyyy congratulations on your wedding!!!! i think marrying someone with different culture as your is already an adventure!!! and you trip to Cairo is so nice <3 I now have an idea of how to to trick shots with the sphinx!

  22. What a fun trip to Cairo, and congratulations on your new marriage! No better way to kick it off than with a trip around the city. πŸ™‚ I haven’t been myself (yet) and probably won’t be for a few more years, but it’s definitely a dream to see the pyramids in person … and eat traditional Egyptian cuisine (which looks so yummy, especially that spread with falafel and meats)! Thanks for all the tips, especially the key sayings to know when visiting. Surprisingly, they don’t seem all that hard to memorize, which is great! I’ll keep your post in mind for research when we decide to travel to Cairo.

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