Follow me to Greece πŸ‡¬πŸ‡· Why you should go to Greece now 🌎✈️

Greece is magical. πŸ’«βœ¨

Every experience I have in Greece is always unforgettable and I always long for it every time I leave. My first time in Greece was with one of best friends and we had a spectacular girls trip! Our favorite place was Mykonos, and every time we talk about plans for any other trip she always says “Take me back to Greece.” Because of my previous adventures in Greece I was so excited to go with my husband this time and show him what truly made my Greek experience incredible.

Our first stop in Greece was Athens and we stayed at NLH Fix | Neighborhood Lifestyle Hotels. NLH Fix Neighborhood Lifestyle Hotels is in a low profile neighborhood that is referred to as a new “old gem” and is right by the Acropolis. It’s ideal for long stays and is truly an accommodation that is a —place to live. There are guests that even stay thereΒ for months at a time and the design of interacting with the staff and people that live there further make your stay a unique adventure. In my experience, if you have a gelato craving at 3am, the staff & guests will be happy to assist you in making sure they find you a place where your cravings are met. My favorite part of staying there was how functional and spacious the rooms were. The hotel itself is very comfortable, stylish, Β and it’s affordable (prices around $120 a night)!! Even though guests normally stay for a longer period of time, Santorini was calling us and we had to be on our way.

You can take a direct flight to Santorini from Athens but we decided to take a ferry. We bought a Blue Star Ferries ticket on and it was smooth sailing! I prefer a ride on the sea rather than a plane sometimes and the views on the way to Santorini were quite spectacular even though for the last 2 hours I won’t lie, we cuddled up and watched Netflix. But why not? The seats were comfy, there is a plethora of food and drink options, and it was spacious.


In Santorini, we stayed by the Black Beach in Kamari and it is a perfect location for a couple looking for some R&R time. Besides the fact that it’s geographically amazing to lay out on a sunbed on a beach composed of black volcanic sand and pebbles, the row of restaurants on the beach were extremely appetizing as well. Our favorite restaurant on the Black Beach of Kamari was Alismari. We enjoyed a delicious seafood platter, good music, non-alcoholic cocktails, and superb lighting.

Other great locations in Santorini to stay are Oia, Fira, and Imerovigli. Every location is incredibly picturesque. In Oia we had a delicious meal at Fino. It’s a super cozy 5 star restaurant with extremely accommodating and sweet staff. We thoroughly enjoyed the food and the atmosphere; as you can see the decor is extremely aesthetically pleasing.

The Red Beach by the ancient site of Akotiri was one of my favorite beaches in Santorini. The view is worth the trip alone but how could you not love walking along the red cliffs while a local man is playing music and people are casually selling delicious fresh fruit along your cliff walking journey. I don’t have enough hands to count how many times someone asked me how my fruit was and if they should get some from the vendors and partake too. Why yes, you should!!

We took a short flight from Santorini to Mykonos and stayed in Mykonos city. Ideal location with restaurants, clubs, shops, and bars galore. Most of our adventures in the daytime included me on the back of a quad bike scared for my life that my husband would accidentally drive us off one of the cliffs. However, I loved showing him around Mykonos as the last time I was there I had the time of my life. Last year, I was in Mykonos with one of my best friends and we danced the night away at Scandinavian Bar, Super Paradise, and wandered around Mykonos city eating all of the gelato and baklava we possibly could. However, this trip with my husband was more of a time for us to wind down and relax, especially on the last leg of our Greek trip.


Greece is one of my favorite travel destinations and I recommend that everyone go at least twice. You should go once with a group of friends and have the ultimate Greek island experience. Swim, sunbathe, boat, and dance! Then, you must go again, with a significant other and explore the volcanic cliffs, beautiful blue seas, and famous white and blue architecture. Be that cheesy couple way to obsessed with each other and enjoy the food,history, and culture. Greece has something for everyone. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡·

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29 thoughts on “Follow me to Greece πŸ‡¬πŸ‡· Why you should go to Greece now 🌎✈️

  1. Greece was my first destination on my 5 week long adventure with grandpa. It holds so many great places don’t you think? I loved Santorini but I preferred Mykonos as it was less crowded. Glad you enjoyed your experience. πŸ™‚ x

  2. I love Mykonos! I must say i really want to explore greece and all the beautiful island more. I went to Mykonos earlier this year and absolutely love it! Such a stunning location.

  3. Grace | Impulsive Adventures

    I’m hoping a trip to the Greek islands is sometime in my near future. Your pictures of Santorini look so different than what I’ve seen before. Absolutely gorgeous though! Which island is your favorite overall?

  4. Yay, I’m going to Santorini in September! This is going to be really useful:) I’m very excited about it! The food you had looked amazing, so I’m going to see if I can hunt down any great food (it’s the most important part of my travels:P). Thanks for sharing!:)

  5. Great photos! stunning adventure you got there, santorini is a must to visit. I havent been there so far and I will for sure, didnt know that we can take ferry from athens up to there. very informative thank you for this one! πŸ™‚

  6. Every post I read about Greece it urges me to just fly to Greece right away, it has been on my list so long ( I may be repeating it), but I love the Greek architecture, and will definitely want to visit soon πŸ™‚

  7. I’ve only been to Corfu and Kefalonia, but would love to explore Mykonos and Santorini. The islands look stunning and perfect for relaxing. The food looks good too and good portion size! Take me there now!

  8. Santorini is my dream destination! Your pictures are so amazing and the post is very informative. Thank you for sharing the detailed description of the place, restaurant suggestions and the ferry ride experience! Hope to land in Greece soon!

  9. Greece is Ann amazing destination, packed with incredible history and things to see and do, I personally love Santorini and Mykonos for different reasons, and not forgetting the food is delicious. Thanks for sharing a great post with great photos.

  10. I absolutely adore Greece. I lived there as kid for just under a year, then visited twice as an adult. Athens is of course my favorite but I loved Mykonos too. I can’t wait to take my husband there. He’s traveled most of Europe but not Greece.

  11. Followingtherivera

    I’m completely with you on this about Greece. It’s one of my favourite ever destinations, and I can’t get enough. I took the Blue Star Ferry too, but to Paros, not Mykonos. Did you visit anywhere else? The red beach looks stunning, and your food, just heavenly!

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